Mayor Unlimited
Our foundational tech partner and the driving force behind Odys Zurich, Mayor Unlimited brings cutting-edge technological solutions, ensuring every event is ahead of its time.
As a renowned event series based in Zurich, SENS:ES not only brings its vibrant crowd to Odys Zurich but also curates exceptional moments through visual art and music, setting the stage for unparalleled immersive experiences.
Finest Auer
Another renowned event brand from Zurich, Finest Auer infuses Odys Zurich with their dedicated crowd and provides unmatched sound system and installation services, amplifying the ambience of every gathering.
Our venue partner, Kraftwerk, stands as a beacon of innovation and architectural wonder. Providing an unmatched setting, it serves as the heart of our events, echoing the transformative spirit of Odys Zurich.

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